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An SDL wrapper written in C++

This is my most technical project to date, an SDL wrapper I wrote to allow me to create applications without having to recreate (or worse, copy) resource managing code from other projects.

It is certainly not complete, or the most robust solution for every situation, but has come in useful many times.

Pulse Preview


A fighting game made in Java

Pulse is a pure Java game made for me and my friends to compete on back in secondary school. It is arguably my most complete (and fun) game, and despite performace issues, I am very fond of it. Only one version, version 0.5, remains and is available here.

King of the Skies Preview

King of the Skies

A game inspired by 'Copter'

King of the Skies is a pure Java game I made to be Helicopter-esque back in secondary school. It is quite boring, but is here for nostalgia's sake. The package of all versions can be downloaded here.

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